Foreclosed Property Inspections

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Foreclosed Property Inspections

foreclosureIn today’s housing market there are many properties for sale by the banks, lenders or corporations who have re called the loan for a selection of reasons. The properties are

then considered as foreclosures. Many investors are looking towards these types of properties as good long term investments. In order to understand if the property is a good investment or a “money pit” it is extremely important to understand why and how it has become a foreclosure in the first place and make sure you take the appropriate action with a foreclosure home inspection to prevent buying someone else’s liability.

Foreclosed properties have a large number of potential issues generally not associated with a non-foreclosed property purchase. These issues can include damage from a vengeful homeowner, from improper winterization techniques, vandalism, storm damage, rodent or other wildlife damage etc.

We have found damage on scales from minor damage to the walls to major structural damage to the roof truss system. It is extremely important when considering purchasing a foreclosed property that a full foreclosure home inspection be completed by a licensed and experienced home inspector. The foreclosed property will be offered for sale in an “As Is” condition, this means what you see is what you get including all the obscure defects and damage. If you purchase a foreclosed property without a foreclosed home inspection you will assume all the risk and liability when closing the deal.

Our Foreclosed Property Inspection Service provides a complete review of the property for visible issues and concerns with a computer generated report with photos detailing our findings. We recommend that all utilities be activated prior to the inspection but we can provide a limited visual inspection without them.


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