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home-inspectionA Property Condition Assessment is a limited scope assessment of a home to determine the likelihood of major issues and to recommend a more detailed evaluation provided in a general home inspection. This service differs from a general home inspection in that it does not meet state required standards that a home inspection, it is less detailed and is generally only a preliminary assessment of the property’s overall condition. It also is approximately 40% less expensive than a full home inspection. A Property Condition Assessment can be used in the following situation where the clients prefers a more limited scope assessment..

Initial Property Evaluation – A purchaser is evaluating several properties and needs a limited assessments for comparison before making an offer to purchase.

Pre-listing Assessment – A homeowner has intentions to place their home on the market but wants to have it evaluated for major concerns first so that they can make repairs and full disclosure.

Pre-Closing Walk Through – Used by clients that have had a General Home Inspection and wants to have a professional do the Pre-Closing Walk Through to verify repairs and verify operational status of the systems.

Limited Scope Assessment – Used by clients on homes that the utilities are not active so systems cannot be operationally tested. It provides a visual assessment of the overall condition.


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