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InspectorUSA Termite & Pest Control offers you the ability to address specific pest issues without the requirement for long-term contracts for services you don’t want or need. InspectorUSA’s Problem Solver Services are designed to address the issues created by an occasional infestation by insects such as roaches, ants, spiders, fleas or most other pests. The service provides for a 90 day short-term service agreement where InspectorUSA agrees to provide the necessary treatments needed to resolve a specific pest issue all a single fee. The program fee starts at $99 and rises based on the size of the property, the subject pest and severity of the infestation. For the fee you get a thorough inspection and  pest-specific treatment plan that includes an initial treatment and additional services “as needed” to resolve the problem. The program is fully guaranteed, If at the end of 90 days the problem has not been resolved we will extend it at NO additional charge to you!

Problem Solver – Pest Specific Control Programs are available for the following pests:





Others may be available upon request.


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